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HJ Artist Spotlight: Dentist

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Infusing raw sample-based grindcore and synth-driven, drum sequencing madness - Dentist revels in griminess and we wallow in its chaotic simplicity, feverish minimalism and complex progressions...This electronic, guitar infused assault is sure to loosen a few teeth.

Raised in Brooklyn NY, Angelica Rodriguez (aka Dentist) has spent her life honing her craft as an accomplished musician & producer. An accomplished & skilled guitar player, Angelica cut her teeth playing underground punk shows in her native NY and DJing underground shows throughout the city. Dentist is one of her many side projects, and one that has gained a cult following due to its innovative sounds and edgy synth-grind sensibilities. Dirty, rapid-paced drum sequencing mixed with highly abrasive, hardcore-esque synthwork, Angelica self-describes her Dentist work as:

"All the fun & magic of Goregrind, with none of the strings attached. "

Listeners can hear her punk influences in her Dentist recordings, along with so many other influences that guide her vision as Dentist and have made her material a unique breath of fresh air, albeit dirty, smoke filled air with floating knives and acid clouds. Dentist is a musically intricate, aggressive enigma that we at Hidden Jungle simply cannot get enough of.

Dentist @ Hidden Jungle (1/12/19)

Her debut album "Jaw-Locking Action" infuses angry lo-fi, fast paced textures, but is not afraid to engage in the slow grind of abusive minimal synths and pads.. You never quite feel sonically secure throughout the whole wild romp. As a long time Atari Teenage Riot, Operation Ivy and Mindless Self Indulgence fan myself, I'm happy to add the musical mashings of Dentist to the golden totem poll of grindcore to I'll allow to euthanize my mind, and I couldn't be happier! You can catch Dentist rocking a live DJ set at Hidden Jungle 2 coming up on Friday, February 22nd in the 2nd room (#synthcore #grindcore #jungle)! Make sure you've got insurance because its gonna be a helluva ride!

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