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Code of the Shadows Mixtape

I went in the lab and mixed up this all original lo-fi Drum & Bass mix "Code of the Shadows Mixtape" which marks my first release since 2009. Many of these tracks have been sitting around since then, mainly untouched. Made these tracks over the years, and over the past few months instead of throwing them all out - decided to mix em up and release them.

As for this mix, it is the neglected brain child I've resurrected for the listening pleasure of the true drum & bass heads out there. Those who are no stranger to a dank hardcore warehouse party or haven't been afraid to crawl inside a booming neurofunk speaker cabinet at full blast - just for kicks. Strap the fuck in. Some of you will hate it. Good. I made it for me. If you've heard any of my tunes before, you'll notice some familiar sounds, but for the most part - these tracks are all unreleased (and will never be released again).

After this, I plan on releasing in a more standard dnb format if you will, one blood, sweat and tears track at at time..

This is my best work yet, for what its worth...

Listen here:

P.Dark will be playing @ Hidden Jungle 2 Afterhours February 22nd and the Code of the Shadows Mixtape is available now on Bandcamp.

(#drumnbass #trapmusic #rave)

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